Adrien Messié

Adrien Messié loves the Object, this essential, its totemic dimension.
From its conception, that of furniture or that of an atmosphere, to the choice and management of the craftsmen;
Adrien creates for private clients, publishing houses or brands.
Trained in the creative industries and the world of luxury, Adrien began his creative career with Andrée Putman in 2004 and became the licensing director for the famous studio. There he developed prestigious collaborations with big international brands and refine craftsmanship companies.
In 2012, he comes up with the concept LE GRAMME, a creative project around wearable or functional objects named by their weight in grams. Precise and minimal in its aesthetics , the concept decl ines elementary forms in precious metals – gold 750 or silver 925.
Co-founder of the brand, Adrien headed all the creation, from the product to the presentation universe, for 7 years.
At the same time, he co-founded in 2013 the agency H A ï K U, which organizes electronic music events and provides global artistic direction for venues, clubs and brands.
In March 2022, he collaborates with Théorème Editions. For the “French Maison d’Édition” created by David Giroire and Jérôme Bazzocchi, he uses glazed crackled ceramics and lacquered wood and is inspired by the Fibonacci curve which he declines in two first functions : a dining table on 3 legs and a small versatile piece of furniture.


The simplicity of Form, the Light that reveals the shadow, the perfect function of it, a conversation, the Object , Nature, the elements . . . all of this structures Adrien Messié’s creative response.
His creations are always the fruit of a fundamental exchange with the “knowers”, the craftsmen, true guardians of the know-how and the material, without whom, he would only find a partial answer .


Minimal and timeless, thought of as equations, Adrien Messié’s creations are the combination of an obvious form declined in different proportions [ functional or aesthetic] – of a chosen material [ rich or more humble] and of a finish that reveals the whole. All this, orchestrated with great attention to detail.


Combine a model, a weaving pattern and colors to design your chair. Dozens of models, more than 40 weaving patterns and 60 colors.

- Adrien Messié | Maison Louis Drucker

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