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Life after life

The MAISON DRUCKER has not waited for the era of sustainability, nor for the vintage come back, nor for the “back to traditions” movement, to restore, revive, and repair the life long lasting chairs that are being crafted since the beginnings, more than a hundred years ago.

Some chefs, and restaurant holders are viscerally attached to their terrace and send their weaved rattan chairs or armchairs back to the ‘atelier’ begging the DRUCKER craftsmen to repair the damages of years or bad knocks, or simply to keep them looking perfect year after year.

At Maison DRUCKER, the client is sacred. The expert hands of the DRUCKER team will do the impossible to restore all the pieces sent back with even the possibility of re editing and old model not crafted anymore.

Since its beginnings more than a century ago, Maison DRUCKER has always been attached to traditions and has kept all the moulds and templates of every single piece that has ever left the ‘atelier’.

Refurbishing your Drucker furniture

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