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Professionnal workplace

Our sales team dedicated to professionals is at your disposal to study your layout needs: restaurants, hotels, yachts, terraces, waiting rooms, swimming pools, gardens, etc.

Professional architects, decorators, hoteliers or shops; we are here for you with more than 1,000 projects supported each year.

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Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM (French time)

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Custom manufacturing allows you to choose the color mix (the type of weaving and the color of the associated weaving fibers) as well as the type of materials of the structure (light, dark rattan, aluminum, etc.) but also many more parameters like:

  • seat height
  • length
  • shape of the seats
  • tray size, etc.

We manufacture unique furniture for you that fits 100% your decorative proposal. The deadlines are more than 4 months.

Download our “Custom Design” catalog

The Stock furniture called “Prêt-à-porter” allows you to benefit from Drucker furniture without manufacturing delay. Maison Louis Drucker regularly offers new limited series (the Chambord and Chenonceau families) as well as permanent furniture (for example the Fouquet’s model in plain). Chairs, armchairs, stools, etc. our stock furniture will be able to satisfy a large number of requests whose deadlines do not allow for custom manufacturing.

Download our “Stock” catalog

Benefits only for professionals

A team dedicated to supporting professionals

We are happy to help you to choose your model, colors and weaving patterns. The sales team can take care of your transport, import/export procedures, financing solutions, information about current and future stocks

Tools designed for professionals

We are quick to send samples (swatches, weaving samples) and 3D files (.obj, .dxf, .cad, .skp, etc.) or ship actual model to test on sight

Professional rates

As an architect, decorator or hotelier, you can create a professional account and benefit from a discount. To do this, simply contact our contract department using the form below

A dedicated team for professionals

Architects and decorators

Hotels, cafés and restaurants

Public spaces


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