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Traditional rattan

This rattan retains its siliceous skin, its knots, and sometimes has a slightly speckled appearance and nuances of tones.

Usage tips

Semi-outdoor usage.
Unpeeled rattan retains its skin like glass, which protects the inside of the cane from moisture. This furniture can tolerate rain occasionally and a certain level of humidity. Ce mobilier tolère la pluie de manière occasionnelle et un certain niveau d’humidité.

Traditional structure colors

Peeled rattan

To manufacture peeled rattan, the raw rattan canes are peeled which gives the cane a completely smooth appearance. The knots of the cane are no longer visible, the color is uniform. Slight nuances in tones are possible.

Usage tips

Indoor only.

Peeled structure colors

Lacquered rattan

The furniture is lacquered (application of several layers of paint) on a peeled structure.

Usage tips

Indoor only.

Lacquered structure colors

Aluminum and steel structures.

The furniture is lacquered with powder-coated epoxy paint baked in the oven (thermo-lacquering).

Usage tips

Outdoor all rear round.

Aluminum and steel structure colors