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Discover the answers to your most frequently asked questions about our rattan chairs. Simplify your shopping experience and make the most of our quality products.

How do I create my own custom-made chair ?

We invite you to follow the following three steps:

  1. Choose from our models by clicking here
  2. Choose a cane to dress this chair by clicking here
  3. Choose the cane colors by clicking here

You can also contact us by specifying your need (model, quantity, type of rattan, specific finishings, specific seat height, etc.). You can ask for a quote here.

How is delivery organized ?

We deliver chairs throughout France and around the world from the Gilocourt workshop next to Paris (60129). When ready, an order can also be picked up directly at the workshop.
You can ask for a quote by clicking here

How do I create my personal weaving?

There are two possibilities:

  1. Use the weaving simulator available online at this address
  2. Make a specified request via our form so that we realize a sample on computer that we send you by email

Can samples be ordered ?

Yes. On request, we can send you the colors of our weaving fibers by post.
In the case of an advanced project, we can also realize weaving parts on square square 15cm wide.

You can contact us with our form.

What are the lead time for delivery ?

For delivery in Metropolitan France, 48 to 96 hours from shipment, Monday to Friday.
For a delivery in Europe (excluding France), the maximum delay of a delivery as of the expedition is of 10 days.
For delivery outside Europe, the maximum delivery time from shipment varies from 10 to 60 days.

What is the PRET-A-PORTER by Drucker?

PRÊT-A-PORTER or « ready-to-wear » is a selection of Drucker chairs for which we have stocks.
PRÊT-A-PORTER models can be seen on Drucker PRÊT-A-PORTER.

What is SUR-MESURE by Drucker?

By « SUR-MESURE » we mean the possibility to choose from the existing range of our models, our weaving patterns and our colors in order to obtain a customised item.

What is the manufacturing time for a custom-made chair?

The manufacturing time is 4 to 15 weeks depending on the number of orders the workshop have to do.
This delay may increase in Spring and decrease in the fall.

Is there a Drucker store?

We have partners in France and abroad where you can discover some of our models and learn more about the Drucker House. Click here to see the list of our partners.
We have a showroom near Paris, in Gilocourt, where most of our models are exhibited. We welcome visitors, but only by appointment :

  • Click here to make an appointment at the workshop
  • Click here to find the address of our nearest dealer

Do you sell used chairs ?

Yes, we sell used chairs, refurbished when necessary by the workshop. To find out more about our used stock, please click here.

Where are the prices (pricing) displayed ?

We only communicate our prices (pricing) on request:

  • By quotation for custom made products, click here to request a quote
  • For ready-to-wear, click here to request a price list

Do you sell to professionals ?

Yes. We invite you to contact us by clicking here.

Do you sell to individuals ?

Yes. We invite you to contact us by clicking here

Do you have a rattan user guide ?

Outdoor friendly furniture : Two main rules to respect:

During the winter season (15 October to 15 March in Europe), in all climates: The furniture must be stored “dry”. It can however be left outdoor during the day, but must be kept dry during the night.

During summer, the rattan can remain permanently outside. As long as it does not rain continuously for more than a few days.

Only take it out once the rain has stopped (In any case, a terrace cannot be used in the rain).
Regular maintenance of your furniture will greatly extend its longevity. Drucker workshop will do wonders with your Drucker furniture.

  • Indoor : Furniture made to stay indoors
  • Outdoor : Furniture made to stay outdoors
  • Outdoor friendly : Furniture that can stay outside

Please contact us for a service request by clicking here.

What payment options are available to purchase from Drucker?

We accept payments by bank transfer, credit card and cashier’s check.

Do you offer financing solutions as part of a purchase?

Yes for professionals in France, depending on your eligibility, we can offer credit-bail-like solutions.

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