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Jacques Grange

Born in 1944, Jacques Grange, a graduate of École Boulle and École Camondo, seduced prestigious clients from the start: Baron de Rothschild, Ali Khan, but also Isabelle Adjani, Caroline of Monaco, Alain Ducasse and François Pinault. His main clients, often benefactors, are Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. He has furnished some of the most famous apartments and houses around the world, as well as hotels, restaurants, and the showrooms of prestigious brands.
His style is characterised by the harmony between classic and contemporary styles, with a juxtaposition that is in line with Madeleine Castaing, of whom he is a disciple.
Jacques Grange is at the origin of this elegant and widely copied French art of living, cultivating a fusion of styles, combining high-priced furniture and charming objects over which the melody of feelings hovers, with paintings by masters and very simple collages.
The interior designer discovered Drucker in cafes, at Flore among others, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in Paris, “by simply looking at what I was sitting on,” he revealed. But he already knew the brand very well and had used some of its creations on many previous projects, notably for the Cinecittà café in Francis Ford Coppola’s hotel, the Palazzo Margherita, in Bernalda, Italy. The brand therefore naturally entrusted him with the reinterpretation of one of its classics, the Saint-Michel armchair, for the Cappuccino café in Madrid. If the issue was not about the shape since the model already existed, it was instead about creating a new variation of colours. “This first collaboration was the result of a happy coincidence,” he stated. Drucker is a mixture of tradition, charm and quality, a timeless universe that transmits an eternal perfume, which is passed on from generation to generation. “That being said, I have always liked rattan furniture, that of the Second Empire, which we saw at Jean Cocteau or at Madeleine Castaing. They contain something fragile and resistant at the same time, poetic and nostalgic”.


Combine a model, a weaving pattern and colors to design your chair. Dozens of models, more than 40 weaving patterns and 60 colors.

- Jacques Grange | Maison Louis Drucker

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