Designed by Christian Biecher, this armchair with metallic structure (handled steel ” weather long “) completely weaved, sat natural or synthetic leather, not stackable, resisting, for inside or outside. Choose your colors, weavings and sat.

Code article : 1154, 
Indoor / Outdoor : Indoor,  Outdoor, 
Largeur hors-tout : 21 1/4 in, 
Profondeur hors-tout : 20 1/16 in, 
Hauteur hors-tout : 32 11/16 in, 
Poids : 17,6 lbs, 
Largeur d'assise : Wide seat (17 in), 
Hauteur d'assise : 17 11/16 in, 
Hauteur des accoudoirs : 27 9/16 in, 
Empilabilité : Stackable, 
Disponibilité : Manufacturing on-demand, 
Fibres de tissage : Glossy fiber (Rilsan), 
Gamme de cannage : Basic*, 
Cannages : 20 Damier 2/2, 
Couleurs : Glossy black – Pantone 426,  Glossy white, 
Finitions tissage châssis : Elegance, 
Vernis et peinture : Unvarnished, 
Matériaux structure : Iron, 
Designers :
Nombre d’utilisateurs : 1, 
Commande minimum : 1, 
Matériaux de Structure Alternatifs :

Lacquered or peeled furniture is meant to be used exclusively indoors.


Rattan furniture (unpeeled and/or unlacquered) can be cleaned with a mild soap, a soft sponge and rinsed with clear water.


Drucker bears the cost of resolving quality issues under normal use.


Delivery in France estimated within approximately 5 to 15 working days after your order has been placed.
Delivery in Europe estimated within approximately 5 to 20 working days after your order has been placed.
Delivery to the rest of the world estimated within approximately 5 to 90 working days after your order has been placed.


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Any questions ?

What does “custom design” and “furniture immediately available” mean?

The furniture custom-made is manufacturerd on demand. You can choose the type of weave and colors. The furniture on stock is sold with unchangeable weaves and colors.

Is there a Maison Louis Drucker shop somewhere?

We have partners in France and abroad where you can discover some of our models and learn more about the Maison Drucker. You can learn more on the page “sales networks”. The workshop, with its showroom, is located in Gilocourt (France), where most of our models are showcased. We welcome, but only by appointment, visitors.

Is there a difference in quality between the dark rattan (Malacca) and the light rattan (Manila)?

No, the color of the rattan has no influence on its quality. The dark rattan (called Malacca) is the traditional rattan for Parisian terraces.

Is it possible to change the seat height of a chair?

Yes. the standard seat height of 45cm can be lowered down to 38cm or up to 90cm to create a high chair.

What is the manufacturing lead time for a chair custom-made (manufactured on demand)?

The manufacturing lead time varies from 7 to 15 weeks. This period increases in the spring and reduces in the Autumn.

How to chose the colors in the weave ?

We invite you to choose a model in our bespoke page and click “Configure”.

What is the difference between the choices of finishes (elegance, tradition and heavy duty) proposed by Maison Louis Drucker?

Weaving of the seat can be stopped under the seat (elegance), on the side of the seat with the natural ring (traditional) or on the side of the seat with the plastic ring (heavy duty)

How many seats do you stack up?

Between 3 and 5. For more details thank you to contact us.