Inès Lucas

Inès Lucas is developing a sourcing activity in the world of lifestyle – Decoration, Crafts, Artists, Fashion and Food, an activity that she puts at the service of her network of clients. It connects customers, brands, designers, craftsmen and products within the framework of projects such as hotel renovation. Her consulting missions allow her to affirm her creative vision, to collaborate with the craftsmen, manufacturers and designers whom she meets within the framework of specific projects, to recently initiate new developments for the brands, for Maison Drucker specialised in rattan furniture.
The decor of Hotel Doisy is an invitation to travel inspired by Inès Lucas. As part of this project, she designed and created an Art Deco style rattan headboard with the participation of the architect, made at her request by Maison Drucker. After the success of the Doisy headboard, Inès Lucas designed the Medicis headboard for the Hotel Etche Ona then the Galway Tartan for new projects. Other collaborations are under preparation.

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